"Use This Easy-To-Install Software To Flood Your Paypal With Affiliate Commissions..."

"You Are Losing Money -
4 Different Ways Every
Single Time You Promote!"

Your commissions are being stolen (and you don’t even know it!)

Your emails are being devoured by spam filters (but no one tells you)

Your efforts are being wasted for lack of tracking (you’ve already lost a small fortune that rightfully should have been yours)

Your prospects refuse to click your affiliate links (because of one easily fixable problem)

And no one has told you any of this!

But it’s not all bad news.

Here’s the simple hack that fixes the problem forever in just 2 minutes flat...

With the exact same work you’re already doing, you can potentially double and even triple the amount of sales and commissions you earn...

...when you do ONE simple thing.

Just one!

Does that sound too fantastic to be true?

Read on...

Which Affiliate Marketer Are You?

Smart Sally

Poor Peter

Two new marketers - Smart Sally and Poor Peter - begin selling affiliate products on the same day.

They build their lists at equal rates, make the same number of blog posts, grow their social following at identical rates and so forth.

They promote the same affiliate products the same number of times.

In fact, nearly everything they do to sell affiliate products, they do equally.

But at the end of the first year, Smart Sally has made over three times as much money as Poor Peter.

How Did She Do It?


By installing one little piece of software on her website, Smart Sally was able to avoid a huge problem Poor Peter never saw coming.

And it’s why her social media posts and blogposts got clicks (Poor Peter’s posts didn’t)

...why her emails didn’t get caught in spam filters (Poor Peter didn’t even know his emails weren’t getting through)

...why her commissions weren’t stolen (like Poor Peter’s were)

...why she knew EXACTLY where to focus her marketing (Poor Peter didn’t have a clue)

...and so forth.

Just one tiny little change increased Smart Sally’s
affiliate sales and commissions tremendously

So let’s start with the problem…

You sign up to promote a product and you get a link that looks like this:


Here’s what happens when you try to promote that link:

Prospects don’t click on it

Seriously, would you click a link that looked like that? Wouldn’t you be afraid it’s going to take you someplace dark and sinister where viruses and malware are just waiting to attack?

That link is ugly as sin and just as scary.

Guaranteed, if you use a link that looks like that, you are losing sales and money.

Jerks steal your commissions

Send that link to anybody signed up with Clickbank, and they will replace your affiliate code with their own, so THEY get paid for the sale – not you.

Or they’ll remove the affiliate code altogether, giving the product vendor 100% of the money.

You get NOTHING for having made the sale.

You can’t track what’s working, so you can’t maximize your commissions

You might have that affiliate link in 4 different places, 3 of which are sending you no sales and one of which is a goldmine.

But if you can’t track, then you have no idea which one of the 4 is working. And so you don’t have a clue where you should be concentrating your efforts.

Again, you are losing money because of an ugly of an affiliate link.

Your emails never get delivered

Spam filters, email clients and social media platforms don’t like affiliate links, and they’ll punish you by not delivering your messages.

And of course if your messages never get delivered, they never get seen and you make no sales.

Utimately you may even be barred from using the autoresponder of your choice due to excess Spam!

Obviously, Ugly Looking Links Are Costing You Time and Money

– Time wasted on promotions that only make a tiny fraction of the sales you should have made

– Money lost from sales that never happened. 

“What about link shortening services? Couldn’t I use one of those?” 

Yes, you can go online and find link shortening services that make your links look like this...



But here are the problems you’ll have:

These links are STILL UGLY, just shorter

These links can’t be edited – even if the product you’re promoting is no longer for sale, you can’t substitute in a new product. Sorry.

These services are used by spammers, which means your emails and social media messages are again being BLOCKED

The links cannot be remembered and won’t be shared on social media (would you share them?)

Tracking is a nightmare – so again you don’t know where your sales are coming from

They’re obviously promotional links that scream “AFFILIATE LINK HERE!”

You have no control over when the link no longer works, meaning you could work hard getting your links online, only to have them shut off and your efforts wasted

In short, these links are no better than you’re original affiliate link, and in some ways they’re even worse!

“What about all these link-shortening software programs I see offered?”

They can work:

IF you’re highly skilled at software installation (it takes 16 steps and even experienced marketers have serious trouble with this)

IF you can piece them together to get the result you need (you’ll need more than one program to do everything)

IF you can run and manipulate a database (for tracking and for remembering your url’s)

IF you’re willing to pay a small fortune to get it all done.

Just to give you an idea of how difficult these programs are, here are the installation steps.

Mind you, this is only the installation. Would you want to go through all this just to install their outdated software to your site?

1)   Download the software

2)   FTP to your Domain

3)   Log into cPanel

4)  Create a MySQL Database

5)   Create a User

6)   Add User to Database

7)   Grant user permissions

8)   Record Database & User Details

9)   Record Database & User Passwords

10)   Go To Install page

11)   Add Database & User & Password

12)   Click Install

13)   Unlucky for some - fingers crossed everything connected, go to set up page!

14)   Create admin user & password

15)   Login

16)   Invest several hours learning how to use them

Even the most experienced webmasters shudder at the thought of installing these programs.

And that’s just the beginning.

Then you have to learn how to use them, because they are NOT user friendly. Sorry.

“So What’s The Solution??”

Until now, you had to be a technical wizard to get the job done.

But after months of hard work, we’ve created a solution that does everything an affiliate marketer needs to make and protect her commissions like a true six and seven figure earner.

Introducing Link Cloaker Wizard -
The Software That Turns This Ugly Looking Link...


Into this sweet money maker…


It’s so easy to install, even an absolute techno-newbie with zero experience can install and use it in less than 2 minutes.!

What Proof?

Here are the simple steps:

Download and unzip

Create folder and upload to your site

Add a username and password

Login and starting using it

There is no step 5!

Watch How Simple It Is To Upload &
Install The 'Link Cloaker Wizard' In 

LESS THAN ONE Minute!...


That’s it! And in the series of instructional videos you receive, you’ll find one that walks you through the steps as easily as making coffee.

And even more amazing, unlike any other program on the market, Link Cloaker Wizard is as easy to use as it is to install.

With Link Cloaker Wizard you can… 

Create professional looking links in seconds

Easily add pages to your site that will get you more traffic and make you more money (more on this below)

“Cloak” the link so that the ugly affiliate link doesn’t show even after your link has been clicked

Or create uncloaked links to comply with certain affiliate programs terms

Easily track hits and edit links

Maximize your commissions with link tracking – you’ll know which links are making you the most money, so you know where to concentrate your marketing efforts for maximum profits

Create a multitude of traffic generating “Hot Pages” for your site in just minutes

With a simple click, add your links to your favorite social pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Build your brand – every single link will contain YOUR url, not the url of a link shortening service

Get you more traffic – tracking means you can allocate your resources to the locations that send you the most traffic and the most sales

Make you more money – no more stolen commissions

Make marketing your links much easier – your emails no longer land in spam folders because of ugly links, and your social media posts don’t get deleted for having affiliate links

Tweet and like your links with one click

And do it all with a simple install and super easy functionality that anyone
(yes, you) can manage!

What a relief - You’re not messing around with Cpanel or databases like other link cloakers, which can be tricky even for the most experienced of users

And did we mention it’s super easy to install AND super easy to use?

As you can see, this one little piece of software is going to make a tremendous impact on your affiliate sales!

And We're Going To Sweeten
The Deal Even More...

We're making this even more of a no-brainer for you to grab 'Link Cloaker Wizard'

So when you act now, we’re including this limited edition fast action 'hot page creator' bonus...

With Hot Page Creator you can easily add a page to your site filled with your latest recommendations in 60 seconds or less.

You can recap your recommendations for the month, make a list of products from a particular marketer or for a particular niche.

And with the click of a button you can share your hot pages on social media, generating both traffic and sales.

With Hot Page Creator You Can…

Build a complete page of links and add it with no uploading, no FTP and no CPanel

Use the easy SEO features to help your Links and Pages get ranked in search engines (more free and super targeted traffic!)

Choose your own page background and inner page colors

Choose whether to promote by date or category of your choosing

Add your own header and footer or let the software create them for you (personalized and easy)

Add your own text for headlines and sign offs to your page

Use text links or graphical links or a combination (you decide!)

Create cool boxes and borders around your links

Copy the raw links for use in emails and blogs (no more searching for links)

Grab the HTML to use on download and bonus pages

Share your pages quickly with 1-click social sharing buttons

And it’s included FREE as a limited time offer with the Link Cloaker Wizard software.

There’s nothing extra to install, just go to the User Admin Dashboard and use!

Remember, with Link Cloaker Wizard you get…

Super easy install – you will be using it in just 2 minutes

You can choose meaningful URL names that are kept clearly on file

You can even group the names in categories for quick retrieval

No more putting in the wrong link in your promotions (embarrassing AND it costs you money)

No more weird URLS that people are afraid to click

No more stolen commissions

Save time, less effort and bigger results

SEO’d hot pages to increase traffic and commissions (these pages RANK on the natural search results and can get your website found)

Social sharing options to boost your sales even higher

Make more money from the exact same campaigns, guaranteed

Recommended by the pros, hands down, and the best cloaker on the market with the easiest install and the best results

Link Cloaker Wizard includes:

Easy user interface to create cloaked or uncloaked redirects

Hit counter for each link to allow easy tracking and stats

Fully editable links allowing you to switch the link destination at your will

Searchable listings in case you forget what you called your supercharged links

Ability to create multiple ‘hot pages’ based on your category/date choices

Maximize commission and supercharge traffic with instant SEO’d links and Hotpages

Simple 1-click social sharing for even more traffic and commissions

Skyrocket your credibility by sharing domain branded, supercharged links

“So is there a monthly fee for Link Cloaker Wizard?”

You’ve already seen how powerful this piece of software is at maximizing your commissions and making you more money with the same amount of affiliate marketing you’re already doing.

And as you know, normally something this valuable is sold with an ongoing monthly charge to it.

But right now with the single site license, you can download and install Link Cloaker Wizard to one website of your choice for only a one-time payment of just $17.

Or you can purchase the unlimited site license with lifetime updates for only a one-time payment of just $37.

Click the ‘add to cart’ button right now to start maximizing your affiliate commissions IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t be a “Poor Peter” and make the same stupid mistakes he made.

Be a “Smart Sally,” and make the leap to professional affiliate marketer today with bigger and better results from every single affiliate product you promote.

Our TRIPLE Guarantee...

Remember, with Link Cloaker Wizard you will stop commission stealing dead in its tracks, get more clicks and make more affiliate sales – Guaranteed.

In fact, you get a full 30 day money back guarantee.

If Link Cloaker Wizard isn’t everything we say and more, just let us know and we’ll send you a full refund.

If you aren’t making MORE sales with the exact same effort as before, let us know and we will refund your money, guaranteed.

If for ANY reason at all you are not 100% thrilled with the results you start achieving minutes from now, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your money, guaranteed.


With 12 Months Updates


One-Time Payment 

Use on a single domain only

12 Months Updates

Web Based Software

Full Video Training

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One-Time Payment 

Use on unlimited domains that you own

Lifetime Updates

Web Based Software

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With 12 Months Updates


One-Time Payment 

Use on three domains that you own

12 Months Updates

Web Based Software

Full Video Training

Click the ‘add to cart’ button right now to start maximizing your affiliate commissions IMMEDIATELY.

You have absolutley nothing to lose as you are totally backed by our TRIPLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

To YOUR success,

Craig Dawber & John Chadwick

'Digital Marketing Supremacy'

P.S. When you recommend your next affiliate product, which link will get the most clicks?

This ugly looking link:


Or this sweet money maker, branded with your URL, 100% trackable, clickable and unstealable?


Get your Link Cloak Wizard license now during the introductory period, before it becomes a monthly charge.

And earn more commissions with the exact same amount of effort, guaranteed.

P.P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total technophobe. We promise that you’ll be able to install this onto even the most basic website hosting in just a few minutes.

Get started today...


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